Adinath Yoga Ashram

A place to change your life.

The Ashram has a practice hall that can hold up to 50 practitioners at ease. There is both shared and private accommodation available with en-suite bathroom. There is a large dining area where we will provide meals (vegetarian only) included. The buildings are eco-friendly with bamboo being the main elements of the whole Ashram fixtures. Integrating the art of living from Lord Shiva (Adinath) or Hatha Yoga and the permaculture, the Ashram is meant for everyone who would like to realize the benefits of slow living and immerse themselves in nature at different levels. We offer a diverse range of courses: Yoga Teacher Training on Hatha Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga, meditation training, acupuncture, massage therapy, organic farming.

The ultimate goal is to offer the opportunity for anyone who wants to enjoy the wellness of body, mind and soul while ensuring the sustainability of the eco-system of the world through mindful thinking and ultimately attaining the blissful joy through self-realization.

Our 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher training will deepen your practice, provide inspiration, and teach you how to share this amazing gift of yoga with others. Experience personal transformation in our retreat in Thailand, where you’ll discover peace and tranquility in the infinite sunshine and calm tropical waters.

We are a dedicated part of the community and believe in joining as a family and supporting each other. In Adinath Yoga Ashram, every day one free Yoga class is available for the residents, one free English class for the children in the villages (on going project) and many more to come. The Ashram is literally built for everyone, from practitioners who wish to improve their skills as a student or as a Yoga teacher, to Yoga teachers who want to lease the place for sharing Yoga skills and knowledge.

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