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$0 - $50 per night/participant

Elohee is a Personal Development Retreat Center located in the heart of 200 wooded acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. The facility is an approximate 2 hour drive North of the Atlanta International Airport.  We boast over 2 miles in hiking trails. Currently, we rent our facilities to teachers offering courses in meditation, yoga, art, dance, and other methods for personal growth. We are also in the process of creating our own curriculum which will draw directly upon the power of nature to facilitate our Forest Therapy, Cancer Support, Trauma Recovery, and Mindful Leadership Programs. Elohee is a place for transformation – individual and community.

We call the 220 acres of undeveloped land where Elohee rests Landsong. It is located in the North Georgia mountains in the foothills of the Blue Ridge near the village of Sautee Nacoochee. Andy and Carolyn Bralley purchased the land in 2010 while their daughter, Evie Cook, was battling refractory Hodgkins lymphoma. Learn more about Eve’s story and the beginnings of Elohee.

The Elohee Center at Landsong is being created to provide a retreat space in Nature to allow for self-exploration, individual growth, and mind/body healing. It is a place where Earth and Air, Fire and Water nurture wisdom both ancient and new. This endeavor has expanded to include extended family and an ever-widening circle of friends who have not only joined us in its creation, but have enjoyed the transforming, healing power of the land on which it sits. Learn more about our mission and the people who make Elohee possible.

  • LGBT Friendly
  • Vegan/Vegetarian Options
  • Yoga Space
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