Santuario Healing Center

Santuario Huishtin means sanctuary of starlight.  Here at Santuario, the ancient visionary practices of Peruvian Vegetalismo (plant spirit shamanism) are preserved by Maestro shaman Santiago Enrrique Melendez Paredes. Working with a wide spectrum of powerful healing and teacher plants (such as Ayahuasca), the maestro and family at Santuario provide a safe and caring environment where you can reconnect with your primordial roots and explore the very depths of Self.

We offer personal shamanic retreats tailored to your needs: from shorter Ayahuasca medicine retreats to plant intensives with specific dietas and shamanic apprenticeships. Set on a unique thermal river in virgin rainforest Amazonian rainforest outside of the city of Pucallpa, Santuario is pure magic!  Santuario Huishtin is an ideal place to experience ayahuasca for the first time or to commit to longer term work with other Amazonian teacher plants.

Santuario Huishtin is a traditional Amazonian plant medicine center located on the Pachitea river in the Upper Amazon rainforest in Peru. It is here where one can begin a journey into total mind/body health and personal awakening. Set amongst the ancestral medicine trees in the Amazon rainforest and against a backdrop of a boiling volcanic river,  the Shanay-timpiska, Santuario is a center of dreaming, healing and detoxification, where one can restore oneself to a level of peaceful mindfulness in nature and recover one’s vitality away from the stress and innervation of modern life in the city.

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