Wildquest Retreats

beautiful retreat center, a luxurious catamaran, Yoga.

We are Swimming with Wild Dolphins since 1995.
Warm, turquoise waters, beautiful retreat center, a luxurious catamaran, Yoga, healthy food.

Swimming with dolphins in the wild is something that appeals to people across all ages and boundaries. In a survey asking 20,000 people “What do you want to do before you die”, the top vote was swimming with dolphins.

WildQuest is a company that facilitates this to happen very close to the coast of Florida, USA, on the Bahamian Island of Bimini.

Our Human-Dolphin Connection program is a week long retreat experience.

The WildQuest Retreat is modern, the rooms spacious. We go out every day on our catamaran DolphinQuest on the warm, clear, turquoise Caribbean Ocean, relaxing, swimming and connecting with these dolphins in their natural habitat.

We have an excellent cook, the food is healthy and we can cater for most special dietary needs. There are daily yoga classes, as well as various group meditations. Everything is optional.

Many people have experienced that contact with these sentient beings has therapeutic effects on their physiology and spiritual/emotional state. The exquisite beauty and the joy they bring will expand all that you feel is good and well within you.

  • Pool
  • Vegan/Vegetarian Options
  • Yoga Space
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