Hummingbird Retreat Peru

Retreat Healing Center

Suzanne and Paul have created Hummingbird Retreat as an expression of the potential for love, joy and transformation that we hold within and that San Pedro can assist us to access and live. Hummingbird Retreat provides an accepting, loving environment where guests have the time and space to delve into themselves; to heal, connect to their soul and explore who they are. Surrounded by a powerful landscape and nurtured by the energy of this unique property there is the opportunity to let go and discover the possibilities.

Hummingbird Retreat is most ideal for people who are on a genuine path of discovery and/or healing journey. Those that will benefit most from their time here are those who have come to an awareness that they need change and are willing to do what is needed to get it. All great journeys have their challenges as we traverse the diverse landscape of our inner and outer worlds, however the adventurous soul will no doubt be grateful for having embarked on this journey and discover a wonderful new heart-centred way of life, full of meaning and purpose. A note about San Pedro Ceremonies: San Pedro ceremonies are not for everyone.  This is a journey that we take into ourselves facing our own inner demons, and not everyone wants to take this journey; yet this is where our power lies. Set and setting are an important aspect as is the person who holds the ceremony, both influence ones medicine experience.  Feeling comfortable and safe with this person is a good foundation. So really it is all up to you, this is a powerful and dynamic medicine, which if you allow it will bring you healing, insight and a greater knowing of who you really are. It will open your heart and support your connection to your soul and your authentic path for this lifetime.

  • LGBT Friendly
  • Vegan/Vegetarian Options
  • Yoga Space
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