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Though we stand for traditional style and vision of teaching yoga we have incorporated B.k.s.Iyengar ,Sivananda and Pattabi jois styles into our teaching, Having being influenced a lot by BKS Iyenger the use of props are incorporated into asana practice to ensure correct posture and alignment.. Apart from asana perfection using props, our emphasis is on the regulation of breath and focus of your mind. Every asana is used as a tool to guide you to gain your natural meditative state. This will help you focus your awareness in more meaningful ways which will deepen your practice. If your intention is to become a yoga teacher your you will become very confident with sequencing, the guiding principles of focusing and breath movement and a very comprehensive knowledge of all eight limbs of yoga as presented by Maharishi patanjali in the yoga sutras through our philosophical classes and different type of meditative sessions.
We consider the practice of Ayuvedic living as very important and should be combined with yoga to compliment the benefits of yoga. We have incorporated quite a lot of teachings on the science Ayuvedar. So you will be able to have a much greater understanding of the science and can share this within others.
This course is designed for those who are interested in deepening their current yoga practice, advanced students and aspiring teachers of all ages.
In addition to these we have music and Bhajans at the time of Satsang and other creative self-healing sessions.
Throughout the course there will be some inspirational guest yoga teachers teaching our morning Yoga session which will give you more experience of different teaching styles.

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