Hith Yoga

Hith Yoga provides Yoga and alternate therapy workshop to individuals and corporations; thus helps them improve their productivity and reduce health hazards.

The word Hith finds its root in Sanskrit meaning benevolence. Hith Yoga is about being ‘Hithkar’ – that which is good for you even though it may not be ‘Sukhara’ always – that which is pleasurable…True to its name the philosophy of Hith Yoga is to use yoga as a technique to do good to people by helping them to live healthier and happier life.. Life in metro cities have become stressful with people finding less time and opportunities to improve their lifestyle leading to increased ailments, which are just manifestation of the emotional devoid that they are going through. We at ‘Hith Yoga’ follow traditional Yogic techniques with a mix of scientific research to provide therapeutic treatments.

Hith Yoga is a blend of traditional knowledge and modern scientific research. It is based on texts like Taittry Upanishad, Bhagwat Gita, Yoga Vashitha, Hath Pradipika, Hath Ratnavalli etc. Modules have been carefully designed to work holistically on Sharir (body), Prana (life force energy), Manas (mind), Buddhi (intellect), Chitta (self).

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