Crystal Creek Ranch

Crystal Creek Ranch is comprised of over a thousand acres of land, which is close to 2 square miles. This region of the Missouri Ozarks is rugged, hilly ground, and alternates between wooded hills and small open valleys. Over 2 miles of creeks run thru the ranch, and flow into the nearby Jacks Fork River, part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. In addition we are blessed with many small springs, and a spring fed three acre lake. The Ranch is comprised of about 400 acres of pasture and hay ground, with the remainder being a mixture of woods, cliffs, glades, and a variety of different ecosystems.

Traditionally, the ground was used to raise livestock, with some of the bottom fields planted to corn or other crops. Today most all of the open ground is maintained in pasture, and used to graze and feed cattle and other farm animals. These include sheep, goats, cows, rabbits, and a large variety of chickens, ducks, and other poultry. Many of the small animals roam the central Ranch area as part of our farm experience.

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