Cenacle Sisters

Scripturally, it was in the upper room or Cenacle where Jesus, joined by his friends in the Last Supper, left a legacy of love and service. After the Ascension, in this same upper room, Mary, the apostles, and the women awaited the coming of the Holy Spirit. During this time of waiting in prayer, the friends of Jesus were learning to become a community. God was transforming this little group into a home for the Spirit, so that inflamed by the fire of Christ’s presence, they could bring God’s love to the whole world.

By entering the Cenacle Congregation we associate ourselves with the women and men of that first Cenacle. It is this mystery of the Cenacle which expresses our way of being in the Church and the world.

The congregation of Our Lady of the Retreat in the Cenacle began in 1826 in the small French village of La Louvesc, among the people whose faith had been deeply disturbed by the Revolution. Our founders, Father Stephen Terme and Saint Therese Couderc, were filled with a compelling love for Jesus Christ and tried to find the best means of making him better known and loved.

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