Gaia Tree Healing Center

Ayahuasca Retreat Center For Shamanic Healing

Gaia Tree Healing Center is located on the beautiful black waters of the Yarapa River – a tributary to the Amazon River near Iquitos, Peru. There are no roads connecting Iquitos to the outside world and the only way to get here is by boat or airplane. From Iquitos, the journey to the center  – first by bus, then by boat – takes approximately 3 hours. The boat ride begins on the Marañón River, crosses the Amazon River, and continues up the Ucayali River before connecting to the Yarapa. The center is a little way down from the where the Yarapa connects with the Cumaceba, giving a beautiful view of the black and brown water confluence.

Arriving at the center you’ll be completely immersed in the Amazon rainforest. We’re surrounded by over 300 acres of preserved, primary Amazon rainforest, beyond that are several thousand acres of protected land close to the Pacaya-Samira National Reserve which is one of the largest protected regions in Peru.

Gaia Tree is an Ayahuasca retreat center born of the vision to share the path of growth, healing and deep transformation with others through these ancient plant medicines and the indigenous traditions of our maestros. We complement indigenous traditional healing traditions with deep body mind integration practices suitable for outsiders to come into this space and maximise their learning and growth potential. This is all in the context of absolute respect for the indigenous culture, so you will not find new-agey, un-grounded, esoteric, neo-shamanic practices at the center.

  • LGBT Friendly
  • Vegan/Vegetarian Options
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