The WAY Inn – Holistic Healing Centre –

Powerful Plant Medicine At Peru's Most Comfortable Ayahuasca Retreat Center
$100 - $200 per night/participant

The Way Inn was founded by Alex Good as a business in July of 2002, although at that time all that he had to show for it was an eight hectare plot of land high in the Cordillera Blanca of the Peruvian Andes. With his brother he set about digging foundations, piling stones on top of each other and building a sustainable mountain lodge to receive adventure tourists, which opened in 2004.

As a long term meditator, his intention was always to eventually turn the lodge into a retreat centre, although at that time he had never even heard of the powerful entheogen teacher plants of Ayahuasca or San Pedro. That all changed in late 2005 when the first ayahuasca ceremony was held at the lodge. Thereafter, Alex spent two years studying and working extensively with Huachuma/San Pedro at the lodge, in the quiet periods between looking after guests, teaching paragliding and guiding both trekking and mountain biking trips.

In 2007 Alex started splitting his time between the mountains and the jungle, where he did his dietas and studied under several shamen, establishing the Temple of the Way of Light in 2008 with Mathew Waltherston. Since 2011, The Way Inn has dedicated itself to being a shamanic centre focused upon working with the Master Teacher Plants for the sole purpose of raising consciousness by the most accelerated route available to humanity at this time. To this end the plant teachers are used in conjunction with teachings to aid individuals grow and so aid the collective human consciousness ascend.

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