Ojashvi Yoga Shala

Ojashvi means Vigor, Ojashvi is the one who possess this essential energy of the body and the mind.
Ojashvi improves memory, concentration, intelligence and creativity. It aids in purification of thought process, peace of mind, love, joy, bestows perfect health and ensures control of the senses. Ojashvi increases with the help of the establishment in the limbs of Yoga according to Maharshi Patanjali (PYS II.28) which will result in reaching this state of perfect health.

Ojashvi Yoga Shala is a registered Yoga Teacher Training School with Yoga Alliance USA (YA ID : 154072), engaged in the programmes of Yoga Teacher Training, Promotion and Coordination of Yoga Education, in all its aspects. The training school aims to promote deeper understanding of Yoga philosophy and practices based on classical teachings of Yoga with the contemporary needs backed by sound scientific approach amongst the aspirants.

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