Abundancia Ecolodge

Ayahuasca Retreat/Healing Center
+51 65 222070
$100 - $200 per night/participant$50 - $100 per night/participant

Abundancia Ecolodge – Ayahuasca retreat/healing center, is located in a remote area of the Amazon jungle in NE Peru on the Mazan River, an area known for its abundant species of flora, fauna and fish. A few years ago at its headwaters, a scientific study was conducted entitled Aguas Sagradas (Sacred Waters) and concluded that the broad biodiversity of this area should be protected.

Jungleman Expeditions and Abundancia Ecolodge offer special and private trips for individuals or groups in this part of the Amazon jungle near Iquitos. Researchers, film makers, students from universities that are looking for a professional Amazon guide to introduce you to authentic shamanism by visiting the real curanderos in various villages will enjoy this experience. Miguel Pizango, a jungle native guide has the key to open and share his knowledge. He has experienced guiding for various companies and independently for over 20 years and and lived most of his life in the jungle. His wisdom of plant medicine and a working knowledge of the jungle creatures amazes those who travel his path. He specializes in organizing expeditions of those who like challenging and adventure tours. Miguel provides expert and professional services! Be sure that your physical condition is strong to immerse in this jungle journey. There are risks, but full of adventure and adrenalin. Talk directly with the expert and plan your jungle tour of a lifetime.

You begin your journey to these sacred waters by flying or taking a boat to Iquitos, Peru, the Gateway to the Amazon. You are picked up at the airport and taken to the Iquitos port. Proceeding from there by speed boat, you cruise down the majestic Amazon River and stop at a small port, where a brief shortcut in a mototaxi by land takes you to another port on the Napo River and the village of Mazan. Then, you are transported to the lodge by one of our speedboats.  Only a few minutes upriver from this friendly village, you join the confluence of the Mazan River, a beautiful tributary that leads to pristine primary jungle.


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