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Self-sustained holistic retreat center that offers a variety of services providing unlimited healing
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Sequestered in the Mt. Shasta foothills in Northern California, Stewart Mineral Springs offers a unique environment of sacred mineral waters, affordable accommodations, and a variety of workshops and retreats. The indigenous Karuk Tribe has respected these springs for generations, and we¹ve honored their devotion for 130 years. Our commitment to every guest reflects these values.

Stewart Mineral Springs provides guests a holistic experience. We embrace individual exploration and empowerment, and groups seeking education and healing techniques. Our retreat offers soothing private mineral baths, a wood-burning sauna, cool river plunges, and reflection and transformation gained from a traditional sweat lodge.

When you visit the springs, you will notice the special care we have taken to keep the land pristine. You will enjoy the majesty of the trees and gentle sounds of Parks Creek that provides the source of our waters. The relaxing environment of Stewart is tucked in a secluded forest canyon yet minutes away from Mt. Shasta and the Pacific Crest Trail. A perfect combination for any retreat you plan.

Our Waters
It is believed, by many of our guests, that the mineral waters flowing into the river are the most powerful healing waters on mother earth. We make no claims to the remarkable properties of our water but the testimonials from our guests speak for themselves. Mental well-being, restoration of physical balance, and deep relaxation are not uncommon descriptions our staff hears every day. Some guests even swear to healings; on many levels. Your experience will be unique and we are thrilled to be your host. Throughout the Bathhouse, we provide fresh spring water for your use and encourage you to fill personal containers with the water during your visit.

Every spring, on our planet, has unique properties. The waters that flow through Parks Creek have been honored for generations and continue to be respected on a daily basis. We invite you to join the experience and participate firsthand the soothing qualities taking the waters at Stewart Springs brings.

The Bathhouse
You begin your personal experience with the waters in the Bathhouse. An attendant draws a bath to your temperature specifications in a private room leaving a sheet and towel for your use. Immerse yourself in the mineral rich waters from the creek and feel the natural, purifying effects throughout your body. When you are ready, we recommend visiting the aromatic wood fed sauna adjacent to the rooms. This continues the purifying process with a sweat in the hot, dry air. A plunge in the rock lined ‘creek-pool’ is invigorating before heading back to your bath. We welcome you to relax in the simple beauty each of these amenities brings. The Bathhouse also offers a semi-private deck for your enjoyment.

We think of our Bathhouse as the healing headquarters of the retreat. Thirteen private rooms encompass the main room where you are invited to relax and enjoy the soft music, candles, and reading materials. A wooden deck wraps around the house, overlooking the creek and surrounded by fragrant evergreens. We love the serene sounds of the creek and the contemplative environment of our Bathhouse.

Over the years, many of our guests have taken a stroll over the wooden bridge to, what we call, the Source House (sometimes known as The Gazebo). Once inside they gazed through the glass floor to watch the mineral water gently seep out of the rocks and into the creek. When we designed the small, wooden building, we included a small shelf on one side. Little did we realize what we began. The simple shelf is now an altar filled with candles, dried flowers, stones, crystals, notes, and so much more. We love our guests! We feel that the prayers of respect and gratitude have been felt by the land and have truly made the water sacred.

Dr. Emoto and the Stewart Springs Water Crystal
In 2009, the eminent Dr. Masaru Emoto visited Stewart Springs with a small group of colleagues. We were deeply honored to say the least. We learned that one of his senior Hado students was aware of the power of the waters and suggested a visit. It was a very hot day in July when the entourage arrived. Some chose to take the waters, while others relaxed in the shade.

One of the Hado teachers took a sample of the water directly from the creek near the Source House. That particular location is especially unusual as it is where the red springs (female), white springs (male) and fresh water flow together. The springs in Glastonbury, UK have similar properties. Those who are especially sensitive say they feel the higher vibration of the water in that area. The water sample was taken back to Japan where it was crystallized and photographed. We thank Amy Hallows for providing the image you see above. Full images of the water crystal are in every room and available in our Gift Shop.

You can visit Dr. Emoto’s web site and read about his innovative discoveries on water crystals and the power of love and gratitude here.

Ongoing Blessings
During the past few years, a number distinguished healers and shamans have visited and honor the waters with blessings of love. These include a Tibetan monk, Inka shaman, and other healers of different modalities. We invite you to share your gifts and gratitude if so motivated

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