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Suryamuni is a small personal Healing and Retreat Center, where we live and practice a simple lifestyle, of Spiritual Healing, Prayer, Meditation, Traditional Thai Massage, Fitness, Thai Herbal Treatment, Vegetarian Nutrition, Chakra Balance, Karma Clearing and Yoga, with the purpose to awaken our individual connection with God and to live in higher consciousness. As a channel for the Divine, I have the deep feeling to help anyone who needs help, people and animals, to lit the light of Love and to bring peace and happiness to this world.

What will happen in a spiritual healing retreat?

the spiritual retreats at Suryamuni Healing Center are an exploration into our relationship with God, as a channel for the Divine,I will help you to find your own personal way in all situations in life, to recognize your personal questions and your divine destiny. You learn to recognize the external and internal circumstances of your life. My destiny is to help people in the world with health symptoms and problems, I will accompany you as a spiritual medium on your way to individual solutions for your personal situation.

Healing powers were given to me by the grace of the Divine, if you are open, you will get the feeling and your life will change in a positive way, on the other side – if you close up yourself, nothing will change – Don’t blame it on God, it is you who chose to remain in the darkness. As every individual is different, my healing sessions and retreats are also never the same, depending on everyone’s need. I don’t offer spiritual entertainment. Only the Divine has the power to clear your Karma, nobody else can do that for you and finally everything depends on you yourself. Divine Healing comes from the source of Creation and is only possible, until we open the gates of our own willingness to be healed.

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  • Internet Access
  • On-Site Laundry
  • Pool
  • Vegan/Vegetarian Options
  • Yoga Space
  • 15 reviews

    1. "Amazing experience”

      I am deeply grateful for the time spent with Eve. She is an authentic healer, a deeply caring and wise woman. I have spent 5 days with her and found her wise words and kind heart refreshing and extremely helpful. The spiritual ceremonies have been deeply touching and the yoga, first class.
      Her cooking was amazing as well; I will never forget those authentic Thai dinners and the smells of all the herbs she uses for the delicious dishes she prepares.
      I left feeling refocused and refreshed with a new outlook in life and a much deeper understanding of myself and my life purpose. I did not expect I would get so much from those 5 days when I did my booking, but looking back at this experience, these were the best spent 5 days of my life.
      I would highly recommend her for anyone who’s really serious about their healing journey.

      Thank you Eve
      Much love,
      Roxana ( Romania )
      Visited February 2017

    2. " Life Changing Experience with Eve "

      Surya Muni is a very special place. I visited a few months ago to attend the Body-Mind-Spirit retreat and it was an unforgettable trip. Eve is unlike anyone I have ever met and I think of her every day and am so appreciative of her. However, this is not a retreat for everyone. This retreat is for people who are genuinely seeking healing and treatment – and commonly you will be treated for much more than you expected. This retreat is not for people who want to just party during their time in Ko Samui. This amazing retreat is for people who want the best in their lives and are willing to listen and be open-minded to all of what Eve has to offer.
      Thank you, Auntie Eve!
      Rachel ( UK )
      Visited January 2017

    3. “Life-changing, but challenging”

      Having spent 6 days with Eve at the Surya Muni Healing Centre, my biggest recommendation to potential visitors is to listen to your heart.
      I looked at all sorts of retreats before I chose this one. Without a doubt, it was the right choice for me, but I would never describe the experience as easy. Every part of me knew that this retreat was the one for me before I got there, but I wouldn’t say it’s right for everyone.
      Eve is The Real Deal. She speaks to things you might not even know are true about yourself. She heals. And if you are there openly, and for the right reasons, she will give everything she has for you.
      She’s also a fantastic cook. You will eat very, very well as part of your time here. Imagine having your very own Thai grandmother cooking authentic food for you every night of the week.
      Completing my journey at Surya Muni was one of the greatest achievements of my life, but you do not achieve without pain. It wasn’t easy, and so if you’re looking to relax by a pool and flirt with strangers, I wouldn’t recommend this particular journey for you.
      If every part of you is screaming “YES!” at the idea of attending, then do it. It’ll be the greatest thing you ever do for your mind, body, and spirit.
      I arrived broken and grieving. I left whole and more in touch with my spirit than I have ever been. Think and meditate carefully before you commit, but if it’s right for you, it will change your life.
      Kat ( New Zealand )
      Visited January 2017

    4. “This place is perfect for healing. ”

      I found her site online, called her and she took me in with open arms.
      There is a salt water pool which I enjoyed every day not far from room.
      She put me on detox immediately after I came, yoga every morning together with praying and meditation.
      She cook for me every day and I am very happy I found this place and meet this magificent Soul.
      She also did karma clearing.
      She know me better then I know myself from first sight.
      What an amazing person.
      I highly recommend this place for healing you mind heart and body and also for insight.
      William ( Norway )
      Visited February 2017

    5. A life changing experience.

      After a long, desperate search for a last minute trip I came across this wonderful place. Evi was quick to respond to my plea of taking me in for some much needed healing. For the duration of the week that I was there I was very fortunate to be the only one present. The resort was extremely relaxing and peaceful, my room was clean and I had everything I needed. Evi was extremely generous with her time, she gave the guidance I needed to now live my life more for-filled. After spending time with the amazing yoga teacher, Evi assisting me with mantra practice and filling me up with nutritious food; I would return to the pool to swim and rest. I was then welcomed back to Evi’s place where we spent the evening cooking and talking. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of life and are feeling in need of re-thinking the way you are living your life this will be the place for you to visit.
      From the bottom of my heart, thank you Evi
      Visited August 2017

    6. Thankful and Grateful

      Dear Eve,
      Thankful and Grateful for my stay with / in Suryamuni Healing Centre and especially with you Eve. Detox time was hard but so welcome. Love your food, the meditation and healing sessions.
      Amazed about your life story and your compassion to heal the other people.
      You are an example how to serve others without losing your own needs.
      Good to meet you Eve, I will come back.
      Namaste in wisdom, peace and light, but most of all in Love.
      Ganesha & Shiva thank you !
      Monique,visited, Febr. 2017 from Netherlands

    7. I left Surya Muni SHC the most happiest and healthiest I've ever been in my entire life!

      I came to this retreat tired, sick and a bit depressed. Although I have faith in spirituality I still needed some guidance to a better way of life. At the Surya Muni Spiritual Healing Centre I got that and much more! Eve, who runs the retreat, is a very wise woman and has a wicked sense of humour once you warm up to her. She’s available round the clock when you need help and she wears her heart on her sleeve, this shows through her hospitality and strong work ethic. I left Surya Muni SHC the most happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been in my entire life! And I owe it all to Eve and her partners Kathy (Yoga Instructor), Lat (Masseuse), and Dy (Samui Cottage Caretaker) who all make such an amazing team! They all work in harmony to serve your needs and are highly competent in what they do. I must exclaim that this retreat is only for people who are open-minded, humble and are ready to surrender themselves completely to receive the full benefits.
      Thank you again for your help. I feel like a completely new person! Peace and Love!
      Morgana ( Australia )

    8. "Absolutely loved the retreat. "

      “Absolutely loved the retreat. Eve is a wonderful person with a huge heart. A beautiful soul. I would recommend everyone to go and see her. She is a life changer!”
      Stacey Palmer ( Australia )

    9. My time spent with you has been amazing !

      Dearest Eve,
      My time spent with you has been amazing !
      Thank you for your encouragement, wisdom and kind words. Your meditations are powerful and strong.
      I am blessed to have spent the time with you. I wish you and your family all the best. Keep up the good work. Thank you for the great food.
      You helped to bring peace in my life.
      Nancy ( Canada )
      Visited Febr. 2017

    10. I feel very close to God now and reconnected with the divine energy

      My time with Eve and my teachings from her changed my life in a very positive way. I shall never forget it and her. I feel very close to God now and reconnected with the divine energy. :). I’m still blossoming.
      Liz ( USA )

    11. Eve is the blessing and thru her, the Divine universe speaks

      I am very blessed and thankful to meet Eve and to find the clearer picture
      of the puzzle of life, to walk the path to find the answer, why I am here,what is my life purpose and why things happening in my life.
      For people like me who seek the meaning of life – Eve is the blessing and
      thru her, the Divine universe speaks, to find the door and knowing myself
      better, to find the answers of the questions that I always seek. I am very
      grateful for what she had been doing and make the most fulfilling retreat I
      ever been.
      I couldn’t say anything more than Thank you Eve, Thank you Dewa to come to
      my life.
      Not forgetting Thank you Claus for the hospitality and bringing us along
      for wonderful 8 days. For my faithful mate -thank you Simone to bring joy
      to make the unforgettable retreat.
      Diana ( Singapore )

    12. I highly recommend a visit to Surya Muni Spiritual Healing Centre

      I am a kinesiologist living in Melbourne Australia and while I was in Samui I wanted to experience a healing session. I googled Healing Centres a few months before my trip and came across Surya Muni Centre. When I arrived I immediately felt at ease. Eve was very easy to talk to and very open with her views on life and healing. We sat on the floor on a mat and the session started. Eve went on with the session, which I found absolutely amazing and very interesting. I will remember my visit for ever! Thank you Eve, I highly recommend a visit to Surya Muni Spiritual Healing Centre
      Dee, Australia

    13. amazing energies and you really are a master on this planet

      Hi lovley soul.
      So great to meet you, amazing energies and you really are a master on this planet, I can feel that. ❤️ see you when it’s meant to be!
      Angelina ( Sweden )

    14. "Thank you for guiding me into the light! "

      “Words cannot express the amount of love and gratitude that I have for Aunty Eve. My perception of life has truly been changed for the better and I cannot wait to visit Suryamuni Healing Center again. Thank you for guiding me into the light! ”
      Tammy ( USA )

    15. A truly amazing and life changing experience

      ” I can’t thank Eve (Friend, Confidant, Mother, Spiritual Healer and advisor) enough!
      A truly amazing and life changing experience, exactly what the doctor ordered.
      Prior to the 7 day spiritual healing retreat at Surya Muni I wasn’t sure what to expect, as there are lot of different variations when it comes to spiritual healing centres. What I found was a hidden gem that is run by a Lady called Eve who will give you 110% of her energy to make sure you can heal that which needs mending-Heart, Mind, Body or Soul.
      I was also lucky enough to meet two other like minded people on thier own journey, which made the experience even better. A lot of laughter at meal times mixed with just the right amount of talking about what real matters in life.
      Thanks again Eve, there are no words to explain my gratitude!
      Thanks also to Kathy, Lat and Dy.
      I would recommend this retreat to anyone that is OPEN to spiritual healing. ”
      Chad, Australia
      Visited September 2016

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