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$50 - $100 per night/participant

Yoga Gita has been established to bring the real subject of Yoga at its deepest state. The practices include asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and philosophy.Our teaching will make you to effectively adopt the yogic essence into your modern day life style. Your wellness is valued in its totality considering fullness of your existential nature made up of physical, mental and spiritual. Due to understanding of life and experiencing the self beyond all forms of conditionings, life is made to happen in its true form of celebration.

Our trainings are inspired by the contributions of sages for thousands of years and their Sadhana approach. It consists in giving individual guidance to the students, so that they will have access to their unlimited potential, they will be trained to handle Yoga classes by themselves, have a deep understanding of the self and develop a strong self practise.

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