Synergia Ranch Retreat Center

Center for Innovation and Retreats

Synergia Ranch has been operating as a Center for Innovation and Retreats since 1969. The ranch was purchased as a quarter section of the old Byrne Ranch that was acquired in 1926 as part of the Homestead Act, the original Warranty Deed having been signed by Calvin Coolidge. The original ranch of 640 acres was operated as a dairy farm. It passed through the hands of a couple of owners and then was purchased by Charles Taylor who, in 1967, split the section into a 160 acre parcel with the 480 remaining acres being formed into what is now the Silver Hills Ranch Subdivision. Taylor used the existing original barn and building facilities as a quarter horse ranch.

Synergia Ranch was purchased from Taylor in 1969. Utilizing and transforming the considerable existing structures, the ranch as it stands today was built during the seventies.

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    Synergia Road 26
    Santa Fe 87508 NM US
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