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Costa Rica Ayahuasca Retreat

Costa Rica Ayahuasca Retreats

New Life Ayahuasca offers 5 and 7 day ayahuasca retreats. Our mission is to provide compassionate retreat program options to others who are seeking to restore balance to their lives through spiritual and personal healing. Our retreats includes ayahuasca ceremonies,  all meals, private lodging, Kambo(optional),  yoga,  a massage and a waterfall excursion. Spacing is limited for ayahuasca retreats to 9 participants per week to be sure we can provide individualized attention and support during such a personal and profound experience.

Ceremonies and Guide
We conduct intimate ceremonies that are performed with respect to the traditions that have surround the use of the sacred medicine ayahuasca for centuries. Matt, our founder is the ayahuasquero for all our ceremonies. Matt’s intentions and passion in his work are unparalleled. There is no question of his integrity and his sincerity in his mission to help others. His presence during ceremony is strong and grounding. Matt sings Icaros, plays the Gong, Tibetan Singing bowl, guitar and drum to help guide the participants’ experience. Jeanae also contributes by playing the native american flute.

Facility and Grounds
Our beautiful facility located in the mountains of San Ramon, Costa Rica, is secluded on a lush 20 acre property about an hour from SJO airport. All guest receive a private room and full bathroom equipped with hot water. Guests are invited to use our pool, hot tub and gym anytime during their stay. Our property is filled with lush vegetation, fruit trees and trails perfect for nature walks. Our facility also offers a comfortable back patio with  incredible views of the Nicoya Gulf on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, perfect for watching the sunset.

New Life Ayahuasca offers additional therapies to promote maximum healing during your retreat with us. We believe in combining plant medicines with holistic therapies to achieve a healthy balance of energies and to support tranquility, peace, and growth. Therapies we offer include Kambo, massage, yoga and sound therapy. Our goal is to integrate each of these additional therapies into our ayahuasca retreats, with the hope that they will help each individual prepare physically and mentally for the ayahuasca experience .

Kambo, also called Sapo or ‘frog poison’, is a natural non-psychedelic medicine made from the secretions of the Giant Monkey Tree Frog from the Amazon and is used to treat a variety of ailments. Optional Kambo sessions are included in every retreat. It is a great additional cleansing process during an ayahuasca retreat. The connection between Kambo and Ayahuasca is special – being that the spirit of ayahuasca is what, according to legend, brought about the knowledge of Kambo use and its incredible benefits.

Costa Rica is the perfect destination for a healing retreat. Not only is Costa Rica the safest country in Central America, but it is said to be home to the happiest people in the world, with the country motto “Pura Vida” which translates to ‘Pure Life’. Flights are only appx. $500 round trip from the US, and we provide complimentary pick-up at SJO airport, making the transition to our facility stress-free. Our location in the mountains also provides comfortable conditions with temperatures averaging around 75-80 during the day and 65-70 at night.

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  • LGBT Friendly
  • Pool
  • Vegan/Vegetarian Options
  • Yoga Space
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    San Ramón, Alajuela, Costa Rica 20501 Provincia de Alajuela CR
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