Sacred Springs Retreat

Where you can deeply relax and unwind on Spiritual Healing Retreat in Northern California.

We offer a combination of a spiritual retreat and alternative, holistic healing therapies.

Our personal healing programs include small group sessions, individual healing therapy sessions and plenty of time to be alone in nature. We provide an integrated approach to support your healing and personal growth by integrating four basic modules of healing: body, mind, spirit and shadow.

Body – cleansing diet or juice fast, yoga, Chi-Gong, conscious dance practice, nature hikes and lots of rest and relaxation

Mind – inspirational and educational classes, books and films, group and individual inquiry, transforming negative thoughts patterns

Spirit – meditation, self-inquiry and mindfulness practices

Shadow – Thought and behavioral patterns that we don’t usually see, most of them hidden in the subconscious mind.  Through breathwork, counseling, emotional healing and spiritual life coaching we transform unconscious negative beliefs and patterns of behavior by conscious meeting of often suppressed emotions and automatic reactions.

  • Pool
  • Vegan/Vegetarian Options
  • Yoga Space
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    Sheveland Road 14598
    Middletown 95461 CA US
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