About WeTravel

WeTravel - The Payment Platform for Travel Organizers

WeTravel, the payment platform for travel organizers and companies, allows you to easily create beautiful payment pages for travel offerings and group trips which can immediately be booked by your clients:


Why do travel professionals use WeTravel?

  • Lower fees: Most users switch to WeTravel because we allow them to save credit card fees. In addition to collecting credit card payments, we allow organizers to collect funds online directly from a client’s US bank account. WeTravel only charges a 1% processing fee and NO monthly fees (see our pricing here). This way, organizers can save the the hefty credit card fees and immediately boost their bottom line by 2-3%
  • More professional payment collection: Many travel professionals have built an amazing travel brand, but the way they collect payments just does not reflect that great brand. Our payment platform gives them a beautiful and modern way to collect payments which is fully aligned with their brand (see examples here and here).
  • Booking Management System: WeTravel is not just a payment platform, it’s a complete booking and CRM system. Through our dashboard for group trips, travel professionals manage all financials (refunds, payment plans, payouts to vendors) and all communication. We even provide them with powerful tools to promote their offerings.

Who uses WeTravel?

WeTravel is used by thousands of travel organizers. Our users include large travel companies, tour operators, and DMCs, but also smaller player such as yoga retreat organizers, individual travel agents or student trip organizers.

WeTravel’s revolutionary payment solution is 100% PCI compliant, safe and used to transact millions of dollars every month.